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Home Security Systems is publishing the top 10 tips for buying a home security system as published by the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association. The NBFAA has evolved into the largest professional trade association in the United States with the purpose of representing, promoting and enhancing the growth and professional development of the electronic life safety, Home security, and integrated home security industry.

The first step when buying home security is to contact the NBFAA or your state burglar and fire alarm association for a list of reputable home security systems member companies in your area. The association’s members agree to maintain a high level of conduct under its National Code of Ethics and render services at the highest level of quality. Security systems sold and or installed by fly by night contractors are unreliable, troublprone and could risk the safety of your family which is the sole purpose of you deciding to look into purchasing this type of product for your dwelling.

Of course, if you keep guns in your home you’ll probably want to consider that you keep them secure, but accessible when needed.

Call several companies and ask if their employees are trained or certified by the National Burlar & Fire Alarm Association before deciding on a company to buy from or install your systems. The NBFAA endorsement will provide you with piece of mind in selcting a home security systems retailer.

Ask the companies selling or installing security systems if they have appropriate state and/or local licenses, if required. Many states require security systems sellers and installers to be licensed. This is done to protect the consumer so they know they are getting a quality product which will be installed correctly and to their liking.

Ask the companies if they conduct pre-employment screening. Security Systems are only as good as the installers who will place it in your residence. Criminals may be able to infiltrate a residence by posing as Security Installers allowing them to have access and ability to break in by knowing how to bypass your security systems. Good companies who deal with the public in their houses will always make sure their associates have some form of proper identification. If you have doubts or questions about the person sent to your house do not hesitate to call the company to verifity his or her credentials.

Contact your local police department’s Crime Prevention Department, state licensing agencies, Consumer Protection Agencies, and the Better Business Bureau. Explain to them your are in the process of buying home security systems and want to know if they recommend any sellers of security systems or have had complaints about retailers of protection systems in the local and surrounding areas of your community. Any official agency will be more than happy to make suggestions and to guide you with making this important purchase that will protect your family and home.

Ask your Insurance Agent, friends and neighbors which security systems they use. The more knowledge you gather about security systems the better decision you will make. You may want to ask your Insurance Agent if they offer any discounts for consumers who install systems. After you completed the above steps you should have the field of home security companes narrowed to a few companies near your home. Call the local security systems companies and have them visit your residence when the entire family will be present to hear about your security and how their security systems will fit into your lifestyle. It’s important that all members of your family understand that installing house security will take a commitment from everyone to understand how to use it and what security measures it is capable of offering providing it is used correctly according to the manufacturers recommendations.

When the company contact arrives at your house immediately ask to see some identification before allowing the Home Security Systems spokesperson to review what your home’s needs are.

As each of the Security Systems contacts to provide a home security audit, along with their recommendation for security systems and a complete quote for the sale and installation of the security systems they recommend. Shy away from any retailer of home security who comes to your home and doesn’t perform a home security audit or fails to provide you their recommendation and cost estimate in writing. Quality security systems firms won’t hesitate to provide their quote for your house and property in writing.

To learn more about home security systems please feel free to call the NFBAA’s Marketing Department at (888) 447-1689. This article was provided by the NBFAA and Home Security Systems.cc.

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